The Anniversary of an Icon

A lot can happen in the space of twenty years with success not a guaranteed certainty. The Hanson Brothers had topped the charts in 1997 with "Mmm Bop", and Steve Jobs returned to run Apple Computers and we all know how these two different stories turned out.

1997 also saw Audemars Piguet introduce the Royal Oak Chronograph into their collection for the first time in what would be an extremely well thought out choice. This year sees some new models added to the line in recognition of the 20 year Anniversary achievement.  In total there are 7 new additions to the existing range with some being saved as Limited Editions available as Boutqie only. All the new releases maintain the current size of 41mm which will come as a relief to those looking to purchase as this has proven to be a very popular size indeed. There are currently 2 dial options available in the beautiful Rose Gold (both available on Alligator strap and full Rose Gold Bracelet) one of which being a stunning blue whilst the other is a softer and warmer dial option in chocolate brown.


The three steel models that have been introduced this year all share a common new feature, two tone dials with the chronograph sub-counters contrasting beautfully with the dial choices. We now have the choices of blue with silver, black with silver or silver with black counters. The change in appearance has offered the watch a slightly more sporty look and has elevated the dial to a whole new level. The contrastic counters havn't just been kept for the steel models though with Audemars Piguet also releasing a stunning example with a titanium head and Platinum bracelet. The dial itselt is a fabulous grey with the iconic "limited edition" blue being used for the sud-dials and outer chapter ring.


One thing is for sure with Audemars Piguet, 2017 is a year not just for celbration but also for continuing an icon with further great models which are sure fire to be successful. 

Written by Christian O'Rourke