Rolex Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary

We all knew that something was due for the Sea-Dweller with it being the 50th Anniversary this year and speculation was rife as to what we were to expect to be announced. We have seen images of and heard mention about possible editions that Rolex just might release as part of their celebration of this watch. From a solid 18ct White Gold model so utilising the existing form and adding a faded Anniversary Green to black akin to that of the D-Blue Deepsea.


Yesterday Rolex put us all out of our misery and confirmed even what some had miraculously predicted would materialise. What we now have on offer is an absolutely deliscious time piece that we just cannot wait to see in the flesh.

Rolex 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller



First of all, I think it right to begin with stating the obvious enhancements to the Sea-Dweller that has often divided opinion. The first item on the agend is of couorse the Red Text, there is no getting away from it as it is right there as bold as can be and boy does it look good. With a nod to the origins, the red text was a feature seen on the first Sea-Dweller (ref: 1665) introduced in 1967 to meet the demands of a profession diver.

Another big talking point (emphasis on the 'Big') is that Rolex have beefed up the SD4000 from 40mm to a wrist-filling 43mm! Not only will this feel in better proportions to some than the DeepSea, it is also now housing a complete new calibre (3235) that will offer the Sea-Dweller an extremely precise timekeeping ability.

The third and final of the main talking point on this beautiful watch is that it now features a cyclops date bubble to insrease legibility on land and below the depths. 


We would expect the Sea-Dweller to start coming through around September time and are currently accepting expression of interest for the first models received.


Written by Christian O'Rourke