Rolex Baselworld 2018 – What’s New


The wait is now over for 2018 and Rolex have certainly delivered on some exciting pieces. Earlier in the month Rolex had released a teaser video of a Jubilee bracelet which appeared to have a Sports Clasp attached. With this new clue, the rumour mill went in to overdrive however the general consensus remained the same, that in some way we are due to see a new model GMT of some sort. This was the only teaser that Rolex offered for 2018 however it was not the only new release that was announced, other models and variants have followed but it will be with the GMT that our primary focus will be on.


Rolex GMT enthusiasts have been wanting this watch for quite some time and finally Rolex have listened and most importantly delivered! We have been granted with three new offerings for 2018 and we shall start with the most striking, the new GMT-Master II Oystersteel Pepsi on a Jubilee bracelet.


With a new beating heart introduced to the model, calibre 3285, we truly have been given a new model. Since the introduction of new movements into watches like the Anniversary Sea-Dweller in 2017, it has been anticipated that we will start to see a gradual roll out into other models either as just an updated movement or a full new model. Boasting 10 patent applications, the new movement operates at a much more precise level as well as being insensitive to magnetism having being made out of nickel-phosphorus.


The other main point to note on this watch is the bezel. Now the Pepsi colour isn’t a new addition to the GMT range as we are all aware. We have seen this on the pre-ceramic GMT Master II and we see it now on the 18ct White Gold model (albeit Rolex have also announced today the dial is changing from black to blue). The other new exciting change is the inclusion of a Jubilee bracelet on a sports model, again harking back to the age of the pre-ceramic look.


The other two models we have been introduced to within the GMT range also house the new movement as well as a new look for the sports family. We now have an offering of Steel and 18ct Everose and a solid 18ct Everose Gold both of which sporting a sumptuous black and brown bezel.


Early indications show that the watches are likely to be seen towards the end of August with demand due to be extremely high.


GMT Master II Pepsi





Written by Christian O'Rourke