Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G-001

As far as standout pieces go, we think Patek Philippe have come up trumps with a White Gold Aquanaut to add to to the growing in popularity range. Blue seems to be the colour of the year for the Swiss company with the Aquanaut making a seriously bold statement in a year anticipated to be about the Nautilus.


On spec the model appears to come in as slightly bigger (42.2mm) than the current Automatic Aquanaut (40mm) which some potential clients will look forward to for those that see the brand as being slightly on the small side. The watch itself pays homage to 20 years of Aquanaut in a watch fitting for such Anniversary. Eith an increase in size and a change in colour, Patek are clearly looking to listen to the calls for a larger watch.



We seriously cannot wait for this watch to start coming through and to see how the colours work in natural daylight. As soon as we get more information and physical pictures of the watch, we will keep you updated.



Written by Christian O'Rourke