Patek Philippe 5960 Annual Calendar Chronograph

When Patek Philippe brought out the 5960 in steel a couple of years ago there was quite a commotion caused by such a move. The watch already existed and sold very well in Platinum and it had a feeling of exclusivity until the Rose version came out. Even with the Rose Gold, the watch still looked and felt like the Luxury product that it is and offered a variation for thos who don't like the 'white metal' look. The big shock then came the year later when Patek announced the 5960 in Stainless Steel and furnished with a Stainless Steel bracelet and a crisp white dial. The takeoff wasn't as great as some predicted as most are used to Stainless Steel being kept for the Aquanaut or Nautilus models. With the precious metal versions being confined to the realms of 'ceased production' it would appear that the Steel Chrono was here to stay.


Then to our suprise, Patek made an early Baselworld 2017 Announcement with the introduction of a black dialed 5960 Steel to go along side with the white like an extra premium Daytona collection.


 Then as Baselworld had officialy started and the watch floodgates opened, Patek introduced us to a new White Gold variation with sublime Blue dial that could maybe, just maybe resurect the 5960 from obscurity and get it back to the premium look it once had. The colouration on the dial just seem to work superbly with the red standing out so much against the rich colour of the blue dial.




We seriously cannot wait for this watch to start coming through and to see how the colours work in natural daylight. As soon as we get more information and physical pictures of the watch, we will keep you updated.



Written by Christian O'Rourke